B2B Digital Transformation

We look at key trends shaping B2B ecommerce with insights gathered from our North American B2B research

Insights For B2B Digital Transformation

The mass adoption of digital technology and growth of Millennials in decision-making roles combine to change the buying behavior of organizations. More transactions are happening online, and buyer demands are increasing.

Successful B2B brands are following the money with critical investments into online product catalogs, mobile responsive platforms, effective demand gen activities and a digitally empowered salesforce. Companies in transition face many challenges, but a window of time still remains to catch up using modern tools to accelerate change.

This POV uses insights gathered in North American B2B research from SMITH in March 2016 to show you:

  • How changing buyer preferences are pulling the market to digital
  • How Millennials are setting the pace by driving the consumerization of B2B
  • The most common obstacles faced by organizations in transformation, and the three pillars to focus on for effective outcomes
  • Where competitors are investing, and how late-starters can leapfrog as recent market changes like the “second pivot” to mobile have created new requirements for all
  • Effective tactics in lead generation, and how digital tools can go beyond the core platform to enable “super charged” sales representatives to turn more leads into deals