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This was a new format for Forrester combining business and technology into a single event for digital business leaders and technology innovators.  It makes sense as moving forward true collaboration and not simply working together will distinguish leaders from laggards in the marketplace.
At a campaign stop in Connecticut on the eve of his 1940 re-election, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt famously declared, “Sometimes the difference between war and peace comes down to a well-placed hyphen.
A dangling modifier occurs when a word or phrase describes something not present in the sentence, or when a word or phrase is positioned too far from the word it modifies. Besides being ungrammatical, a dangling modifier changes the author’s intended meaning of the sentence and creates confusion.
Over the last 18 months, a range of wearables have hit the market. I’ve tried out more than a few of these new-fangled wearable tech devices, and even though I work in the tech space and consider myself a bit of a tech geek, none has impressed me.
While banking apps have been around for a while now, the concept is new to my mother (a 72-year-old Iowa farm wife who just figured out texting last year), who recently asked me whether she should be worried about depositing checks via her phone.
An organizational guru once said that a useful file cabinet is fundamentally an information retrieval system, not a storage system.
As a digital experience agency, we design for the people who use the things we create. So our work needs to answer real questions, solve real problems, and relate to real peoples’ lives in tangible, useful ways.

Okay, I’ll admit it. As a Creative Director with a writer’s background, I have an affinity for content. Do I want it wrapped in attractive UI goodness and stunning design? You bet your life I do.

While we’ve all experienced the “irrational exuberance” of Black Friday, the first big holiday shopping day after Thanksgiving, only recently have consumers and businesses begun to explore the possibilities of the online shopping frenzy known as Cyber Monday.

Back in 2006, Paul Saffo noted that there was a dark side to personal media: "Nothing new comes into our lives without a hidden curse, and personal media is no exception. Personal media presents many risks, but the most troubling is social and intellectual isolation..."