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Augmented Manufacturing: The Big Six HoloLens Use Cases for Manufacturers

With the release of ARCore and ARKit putting more augmented reality content in consumers hands, the media buzz around augmented reality is continuing to increase. On the whole, the AR/VR market is expected to be worth approximately $4.7 billion by 2025, but the large numbers frequently thrown out by analysts don’t mean anything without understanding the direct value of use cases for any particular industry.

The Keys to Higher Margins in the Increasingly Competitive Travel Industry

In 2017, the travel industry realized a 1-5% growth across all segments. Online bookings increased 5% from 2016. Though the industry seems particularly rosey, margins are getting tighter and tighter as companies fight for customers.

Better Selling for Marketers: Accelerated Commerce Tools for Adobe Experience Manager

There are several existing options available that do the basics: two from Adobe based on your license, and other firms talking about their connector framework. Thankfully, that’s not what ACT is.

The Slim and Narrow on Conversion Analytics

What is “Conversion Analytics”? Let's take a quick 101 about Adobe's Conversion Analytics and how it can help you to determine next steps in focusing your analytics efforts for greater Conversion insights.

The Industrial Internet of Things: Let's Talk IIoT

Much like the revolution that industrialized machine manufacturing, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is reshaping and transforming workforces and manufacturing plants, this time through the adoption of internet-connected technologies, automation, robotics, and sensors.

Why use Adobe Experience Manager with a Commerce Platform

Customers buy based on their experience with your brand. While commerce provides the plumbing to sell, it lacks the creativity to allow your brand to stand out. Adding Adobe Experience Manager to your commerce platform will enable your marketers to keep your brand relevant in an always-changing digital marketplace. 

Unpacking Commerce with Adobe

Implementing a commerce experience with the Adobe Marketing Cloud is a powerful way to enable marketers to influence customers and drive engagement. However, integrating commerce with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) does not always give the marketing team the best of both platforms. 

Can We Detect if Love is Truly in the Air?

It's Valentine’s Day, and we might reasonably expect as much emotion today as any other. Some of it is good, some bad, some euphoric, some painful. One technology that is rapidly building an uncomfortably exciting foundation is one that might help us detect all these emotions: Emotion Sensing.

The Future Consequences of Amazon Go

The implementation of tech in a store isn’t anything new, but there’s something to be said where people stand out in line for a store that’s about convenience and a robot getting fired for scaring away customers at a grocery store instead of being helpful.



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