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What we did

Working in close collaboration with our regular video production company partner, we created two training videos for AT&T in-store sales reps. Work included:


The work

For more than 20 years, AT&T has relied on SMITH to deliver inspired and effective marketing solutions to numerous business groups.

The AT&T Sustainability group approached SMITH about developing two informational videos designed to educate AT&T retail sales representatives about such AT&T sustainability initiatives as their device eco-ratings system and their device recycling program. In addition, they wanted the videos to inform sales personnel about related initiatives and in-store services that support sustainability by making it easier for customers to trade in and recycle old devices.

From the outset, SMITH sought to produce two high-quality videos that would be both educational and fun to watch. The overarching goal was to help sales representatives understand how AT&T’s sustainability-related offerings benefit the business and AT&T’s customers by serving the crucial and growing demographic of consumers who care about the social and environmental consequences of their device purchases.

Working in tandem with our regular video production company partner, we conceived and wrote the video scripts, scouted the shoot location, vetted talent, executed the shoot and post-production work, and drove consensus among numerous AT&T stakeholders throughout the process.

Together the offerings featured in the videos—Ready2Go, Mobile Transfer, Buyback, and Eco-Rating 2.0—help reduce device returns and increase customer satisfaction. In other words, sustainability is a good thing that’s also good for business—a key point AT&T wanted the videos to convey to their retail sales representatives.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with these videos,” says Gary Duffy, Director of Product Marketing. “They do a great job of communicating the value of our sustainability efforts to our sales reps, and conveying how these efforts benefit our reps, our customers, and AT&T. The videos are smart, fun, and compelling. The SMITH team and their production partners in this effort were a pleasure to work with. SMITH really helped us get our message across.”

The videos

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