How we Work

Our process for designing and building experiential commerce solutions.

the Experiential Commerce Era

We are experiencing rapid, dramatic changes to the ways we communicate and interact with each other and with brands. People are at the heart of this change, as we either adopt or reject new technological tools, experiences, and interactions that enter our everyday lives.

Value is no longer created and passed from producer to consumer. Rather, people and organizations move fluidly between roles—from producer to consumer and back again—with the potential to create additional, new, expanding value at each point of interaction. This real-time, human-centered, interaction-driven landscape has accelerated the rise of customer empowerment, radically shifting the way brands must do business and creating a need for experiential commerce solutions.

Building from the insight out

We start every engagement by working inward from a broad-based set of insights to identify the critical interaction. With this as our focus, we leverage our enterprise technology capabilities to connect 360 degrees of data, technology, and user touch points to create effective interaction-driven experiences.

To us, a critical interaction must be more than a “reciprocal action or influence.” A critical interaction is one where your customers and your business affect one another to create measurable value (revenue). In today’s real-time world, this can happen anytime, anywhere, and our job is to make sure you’re there.



Data-driven interactions

Interaction is central to experiential commerce. Interaction Experience Design (IXD) is SMITH’s proprietary interaction-led methodology for building simple, intuitive, and effective experiences regardless of platform, medium, or execution.

IXD focuses design and systematic efforts on maximizing value additive interactions first. By decoupling from traditional UX-driven, system experience approaches, IXD lets us keep technology investments lean, agile, and focused on minimizing the risk posed by ever-evolving user expectations, marketplace disruption, and rapid technology advancements.

This approach, empowered by our strategic end-to-end thinking to developing, integrating, and orchestrating platforms, enables us to build solutions that support your revenue objectives while driving engagement and loyalty.


Partner Community

At SMITH, partnership is at the core of how we work. We’re keenly aware that in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, providing our clients with the best solutions requires a nimbleness only possible through fluid and robust partner networks and technologies such as SAP Hybris and Sitecore.

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What we do

Every brand and organization will have differing priorities when it comes to making experiential commerce work for them. For some, it will mean doing a re-think, pulling together a common vision for the future, and then outlining their way forward with a roadmap. For others, their vision may already be clear, but they’ll need help with things like technology, data, content, or anything else in between. Either way, we at SMITH have the expertise and know-how to bring modern, contextual digital commerce experiences to life.

Business Transformation

Discover emerging opportunities awaiting your brand in this real-time world of ecommerce.

  • Market opportunity and vision
  • Business model design across users, communities, and marketplaces
  • Technology infrastructures, architecture, and services strategy
  • Scenario planning workshops
Digital Engagement

New competitors and a world of never-ending choices mean shifting strategies and tactics to reach new audiences and reinvigorate current and former customers.

  • Audience engagement and customer journey strategy
  • Engagement and nurture campaigns
  • Customer acquisition and loyalty consulting
  • Marketing automation implementation and program execution
IXD: Interaction Experience Design

We apply design thinking to everything we create so that we can increase the potential for success with experiences that are useful, usable, and loveable.

  • User research and testing
  • Personas and user wayfinding
  • Interaction design and development across screens and devices (i.e., web, mobile, and kiosk)
  • Content strategy, information design, and governance
Commerce and Content

We know how to design, implement, and deploy modern technology platforms and infrastructures that unite content, commerce, and data in service to the user and the business.

  • CMS and commerce platform evaluation and ROI analysis
  • CMS and commerce platform implementation and deployment
  • Technical architecture planning and consulting
  • Omni-channel commerce integration and deployment
  • SOA/web service development
Data Services

We harness the power of data in service of creating better experiences, making them more context aware, more timely, more useful.

  • Data audit and opportunity definition
  • Data-driven interaction planning and strategy
  • API design and development
  • Algorithm design and deployment
  • Customer analytics
Marketing Operations

Bulletproof support, maintenance, and enhancement services designed to keep your investments growing.

  • Website and mobile app enhancement and optimization
  • Hosting and maintenance
  • Development operations and support
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Performance audits and testing