Digital Sales Tools

Creating an empowered salesforce through a suite of simple, intuitive, digital sales tools.

What we did

SMITH continues to deliver sales tools that give AT&T retail and business sellers every edge possible by delivering highly useful and personalized help with utmost speed. Not long ago, the process of choosing a rate plan at an AT&T store was complex and cumbersome and accompanied by tedious calculations. For a company that earned its reputation by putting incredible technology into the hands of its customers, an ordering system that worked in similar style to assembling a meal from a restaurant menu was cause for concern for both customers and AT&T’s sales staff. Given our decade of partnership, it was no surprise that AT&T tapped SMITH to find a resolve.

The result was Mobile Sales Tool (MST) and suite of sales tools including the AT&T Rate Plan Calculator. Conceived and developed by SMITH, this handy mobile app guides customers and sales reps through the rate plan purchase process quickly, efficiently, expertly, and painlessly. Customers can shop for and customize plans, compare plans side-by-side, calculate monthly charges, email plan summaries, and more. To make things even easier, all calculations display on screen—alleviating any sticker shock customers might otherwise feel.

From this initial success, AT&T realized that they needed additional, similar tools. As a result, over the past four years, SMITH has partnered with several other channel and product marketing teams to create a variety broadened suite of tools that have become critical to AT&T’s sales readiness efforts within their Mobile Sales Tool.

The work

SMITH has helped create an empowered salesforce through a suite of simple and intuitive digital sales tools that guide customers through the sales process efficiently, quickly, and expertly, allowing them to sell with confidence.

The Mobile Sales Tools are a “go-to” destination for over 200,000 frontline AT&T staff. MST is a direct channel to educate and influence sellers with the critical content and information they need to be successful and increase sales performance.

  • Educate and instill confidence in sellers by showcasing the most up-to-date AT&T products and services.
  • Configure quickly and confidently the best monthly AT&T service packages to establish customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Compare the features and capabilities of AT&T’s entire lineup of devices and accessories as well as learn about current promotions.
  • Support the sales process and stay top of mind by providing take-home sales material for the customer.
  • Optimize driven by data, seller insights and research to drive engagement and seller performance.

Data in Action

Who’s using MST?
Over 80,000 unique users per month (200% increase over last 2 years)

  • Over 400 internal and external seller groups
  • The dominate usage of MST comes from AT&T Digital, Retail & Care and Retail Sales & Service
  • Other channels include National Retailers, Door-to-Door sellers, and Local Service Providers

Impact of MST

  • 12.5 Million Plans Configured last 12 months
  • 2.8 Billion Total Annual value of plans configured every month

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