Two Decades of Continuous Improvement

“[SMITH has] consistently helped us deliver the outcomes we need.” – Julie Thibault, VP, EPSI

What we did

The core of EPSI’s highly successful business is something everyone loves – tests! EPSI delivers psychometric testing and consulting to put the right people into the right jobs. Together we’ve made the process so seamless that their user volume has grown 2200% over two decades. SMITH built EPSI’s enterprise assessment and survey platforms that form the foundation of their business offering, developed their website, and we’ve kept their digital operations running without a hiccup for nearly twenty years. "[SMITH has] collaborated with us as part of our team, treating our business success as a critical part of their own,” notes Julie Thibault, VP of EPSI.

Our 18 year partnership of continuous improvement and optimization began with an insight. In 2001, EPSI recognized that digital tools could replace the traditional pen and paper for psychometric exams, and turned to SMITH to help them transform their industry by digitizing the user experience.


Drive growth and loyalty in EPSI’s digital business products

The Work

SMITH custom developed their two primary solution platforms using a .NET framework:


Assessment Platform

A web-based application providing integrated psychometric test hosting, data storage and reporting, enabling clients to do candidates evaluation for position fulfillment and to measure candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.

Survey Platform

A web based application providing EPSI’s clients with a tool to manage personalized surveys and run survey campaigns for partial or complete organizations. The differentiators from other survey tools are the evolving reporting capabilities based on various industry metrics included in the platform and the capabilities to derive statistics from an Organizational perspective, as the platform is able to manage large and complex enterprise client organizations.

Corporate Website

SMITH developed the corporate website with ease of content management by the client:

  • Personas
  • User Journeys
  • Taxonomy
  • UI/UX
  • Design
  • Development

Managed Services

SMITH continues to manage and evolve EPSI’s platforms as a Managed Services provider:

  • Hosting services for all environments (on-premise and Cloud)
  • Application support
  • Development (Dev, QA, BA, PM, DevOps)

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