Fast Food Giant

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Building a modern, digital commerce, services-based architecture to enable anytime, anywhere interactions for the world's largest fast food company.

What we did

When the fast-food giant came to SMITH for help, it had already launched initiatives to pilot online and mobile ordering as well as home delivery in a number of smaller markets around the world. However, bringing these efforts to major markets in the United States and Canada simply wasn’t possible given the current state of the company’s commerce infrastructure.

The company needed a solution that could accommodate their size, complexity, age, and operating model, plus adhere to a corporate mandate that any solution must not cost more than a penny per transaction. And what attracted them to SMITH was our notable expertise in delivering outstanding ecommerce solutions.

Through incredibly close work with our client’s teams in a mix of in-person and remote interviews and a detailed review of their current technical architecture and implementation, SMITH gained a thorough understanding of the unique requirements. From there, our architects designed a future-proof, custom ecommerce architecture—based on the company’s existing systems, constraints, and required integrations—that would scale to meet the full spectrum of their anticipated needs. Ultimately, in the words of our client, we not only “achieved the impossible,” but we “did it faster than [they] ever thought possible.”

Work with this client is ongoing, and the first live implementation based on our solution architecture is scheduled to go live in the first half of 2016.

The work

Created a modern service-based architecture, with a custom services layer that enables us to integrate information from legacy systems, enabling new forms of ecommerce such as mobile ordering and delivery without introducing cost-prohibitive changes to existing back-end infrastructure. Specifically, the solution architecture:

  • Uses distributed computing techniques and technologies to achieve performance, scalability, and reliability, enabling gains in desired throughput from the current 7% to 165%.
  • Can be upgraded without interruption to current transactions, mitigating cost of system downtime during regular maintenance and enhancement.
  • Enables 1 billion transactions per year at less than 0.005$ per transaction.
  • Provides maximum throughput on par with Amazon’s busiest days (e.g., Prime Day 2015 hit 398 items sold per second).
  • Leverages auto-generated code to minimize maintenance costs and optimize performance.
  • Utilizes both SQL and NoSQL data stores to capitalize on each one’s specific strengths.

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