New CTO and SAP Hybris Leaders Add to 45% Growth at SMITH

CTO, VP Commerce & Content Consulting, and VP SAP Hybris & Adobe Practice join more than 50 new hires to date in 2017 as company responds to demand for customer experience transformation


Ryan Heusinkveld, Christina Lagoda, and Kevin Hallum


Seattle, WA. May 15, 2017 - SMITH, the Architects of Future Commerce, today announce the appointment of three new executives: Ryan Heusinkveld as Chief Technology Officer, Christina Lagoda as VP Content & Commerce Consulting, and Kevin Hallum as VP SAP Hybris & Adobe Practice. The senior hires continue an aggressive strategy initiated by CEO Tony Steel to bring clients the best possible vision and execution as they seek to adapt to an increasingly disruptive business environment.

“Our recent growth comes from clients placing a high value on our ability to provide ‘big agency’ capabilities and deliver results at boutique agency speed. Our deep understanding of commerce, coupled with a breadth of strategy, UX, and technology capabilities, is unique, and our culture of innovation, agility, and integrity is a refreshing draw for talent from bigger firms,” says Steel. “Ryan is a forward-thinking commerce and content technologist, and his stewardship will help clients navigate the emerging technology space as digital-first becomes the norm.”

Based in Minneapolis, CTO Heusinkveld joins SMITH from SapientRazorfish, where he was VP of Technology. Prior to his tenure there, Heusinkveld spent 9 years at Thomson Reuters as a developer and technology architect.

“Christina is a seasoned executive in the content and commerce space and strengthens our capability to deliver compelling customer experiences,” says Fab DiCarlantonio, Chief Operating Officer at SMITH. “Kevin’s mastery of SAP Hybris and Adobe provides the other side of the coin, orchestrating the technologies that make frictionless experiences possible. We operate in the world of interfaces and technology, but the heart of our business is smart people who care deeply about our clients and truly understand what their customers need.”

New VPs Lagoda and Hallum join SMITH in Dallas, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, respectively. Both most recently held roles at SapientRazorfish.

“We believe culture is our secret weapon,” says Steel. “SMITH is a values-driven company, rising from a culture of purpose, learning, and care, and it’s a vision shared by our investors through to our newest employees.”

Summer 2017 will see the first wave of office expansions, including an extension of the Ottawa-Gatineau development center and a new office in Dayton, OH.