Rapid Foundation for SAP Hybris

Traditional commerce platform implementation is outdated. Let's maximize your investment.


Building a future-proof commerce platform means having a backbone capable of orchestrating multiple best-in-class APIs from diverse services to deliver multidimensional customer experiences. SMITH can help you deliver personalized, human-centricengagements with your customers to accelerate revenue and lower your cost per transaction. Whether you’re looking to integrate content and commerce, implement cognitive and conversational selling experiences, or improve usability with a design or platform upgrade, we can help.

Our Rapid Foundation for SAP Hybris is a comprehensive solution that complements our methodology with rapid-enablement tools and processes, allowing companies of all sizes to realize the value of this best-in-class commerce suite while adhering to budget and time constraints. This foundation drives a focus on maximizing business value and speed.

Too often, budget constraints and aggressive time-to-market requirements force companies to choose inferior commerce platforms. While meeting immediate demands, the solutions quickly fall short as requirements naturally become more complex. The choice becomes doubling-down on customizations or resetting the entire program. Both options slow time to market for the future vision state, increase total cost of ownership, and strain the implementation team.


We focus exclusively on driving value by first effectively utilizing the advanced, native capabilities of the platform. Projects often start with a drawn-out discovery phase, which, in turn, delays the build phase. This methodology, while required in certain scenarios, increases budget and timeline, then often falls apartwhen implementation starts. Platform nuances often don’t match blue-sky planning, and more requirements inevitably emerge during the build process. Instead, we look to set the foundation immediately, focusing on the key business drivers that enable value.

Our methodology is to accept, expect, and leverage iterative decision-making and produce consistently high-quality deliveries. In doing so, we look to several guiding principles to facilitate success:

1. Rapidly create a baseline, functional site to drive all future phases.
2. Ensure all requirements have a clear value score and are baselined against the functional site.
3. Enable development on day one.
4. Drive iterative improvement: Layer on functionality and keep the site functional.